As a property manager, you’re probably always looking for new ways to generate leads for your business and gain clients. Like it or not, this is crucial for your company’s growth! Using direct mail can be an excellent way to attract new clients to your property management company, however, many property managers don’t think to utilize it.

This method can be particularly effective if you send out postcards to new leads. When done correctly, postcards have a high success rate as they can be used as a part of a larger multi-channel marketing strategy.

Creating a unique postcard design with a high conversion rate has a lot of potential to grow your business. In this blog post, we will walk you through everything you need to know about getting your direct mail campaign ready and setting it up for success.

Getting Started with a Postcard Marketing Campaign

In this article, we will provide you with our best tips and tricks for creating the most memorable and effective designs, helping you discover how to optimize your direct mail, and how it can integrate into a larger marketing strategy. 

Over the years, we have seen countless property management companies introduce direct mail into their marketing campaigns and get real, tangible growth in their client base. So, keep reading to find out how you can do this for your business!

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What Exactly Is a Property Management Postcard?

A property management postcard is a tool that you can use in your direct marketing campaign. Essentially, it is a letter that a new lead will receive in the mail from your property management company

Your goal when sending these postcards out will be to reach rental property owners who are in need of a new manager to help them operate their property, thereby bringing more clients to your company. 

Your postcard should include the following information:

  • The name of your property management company.
  • A call to action that is clear and direct that will lead them to your company’s website.
  • A unique sales pitch.
  • Visual material that is eye-catching, memorable, and relevant to your brand.
  • A limited-time offer that encourages the lead to follow up with your company and become a customer.

Ultimately, investing in direct mail will have the highest success rate when integrated into a larger, multi-channel marketing approach. We will go over this later in the article. For now, let’s talk about why property management postcards are such an effective strategy!

Why Should I Use Property Management Postcards?

It seems like these days, everyone is focused on using online marketing strategies and social media. This is because online marketing is essential to your business’ growth. So, how can postcards help your marketing approach when they seem as low-tech as you can get? Here are three reasons why it works:

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1. Direct Mail Is a Unique Strategy

The fact is, direct mail is less common than other types of marketing strategies. While it may seem counterproductive to use a marketing tool that is being used less and less over time, this is precisely the reason why you should take advantage of it!

Most property management companies will focus on online marketing alone. This means that by using direct mail, you will be ahead of your competitors and stand out from other companies. When your messages are able to stand out in a mailbox, people will be more likely to remember you and follow up. 

2. People Enjoy Receiving Mail

As mail becomes less and less utilized over time, people have started to enjoy receiving it more. Receiving mail can be an exciting addition to your day, and there are many people who will be interested to read whatever is written on the postcard that has shown up at their door. Direct mail is a great way to make potential customers feel special!

3. Direct Mail Is Memorable

Direct mail has a way of capturing people’s attention. While an email may be moved to the trash folder, some direct mail could be so memorable that it could make the fridge door!

How Can I Optimize My Direct Mail Campaign?

While focusing on one main marketing strategy for your company can prove to be effective, you will generally get better results when you are able to integrate multiple strategies. This allows your property management company to be visible in as many places as possible.

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So, how can you combine all of your marketing tools into one single plan? Keep reading to find out!

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Using a multi-channel marketing campaign means that you are using many different advertising strategies in order to reach new clients. By taking this approach, your target audience will be able to find you on whichever medium they use the most. 

However, the real value of this approach comes with cross-channel strategies. The more that rental property owners are able to view and interact with your company, the more they will be able to trust that you will be the right choice.

Here is a brief overview of the benefits of using a multi-channel marketing approach for your property management company:

  • You can have a cohesive and consistent message about your company across a wide range of mediums including direct mail, email, and social media.
  • Your business can have numerous touchpoints that can collect more accurate data about landlords and property owners. 
  • You will be able to generate higher traffic to your website and get your company in front of more eyes.
  • Your conversion rate among prospects will grow as they will be able to choose their preferred medium for interacting with your company.

Postcards Can Generate Traffic for Your Company’s Website

If done strategically, postcards can help to send rental property owners directly to your landing page online. Your website should have some kind of unique offer that is set up to help encourage your target audience to reach out and become clients. 

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This could be anything from offering a free rental owner consultation to a complimentary rental analysis for their property. 

Further, your company’s landing page should have a tracking pixel that allows you to keep track of anyone who visits the website. This will allow you to retarget them later with online ads. Retargeting will keep you at the top of their mind, which in turn will increase your conversion.

Postcards Can Create a Memorable Touchpoint

In your first interaction with a prospect, it is unlikely that you will be able to convert them into a client. This is true for your second and third touchpoints as well. Generally, it can take around six to eight interactions in order to generate a lead. 

This is why it can be beneficial to make your touchpoints with prospects as unique as possible because a more meaningful interaction will carry far more potential in the end. If done correctly, postcards are an excellent opportunity to create a significant moment with a prospect. 

If your postcard is memorable enough to direct the prospect to your website, you can then follow up with retargeting ads, meaning your postcards will ultimately be a catalyst for far more than just one interaction with your brand. 

Tips for Your Property Management Postcards

Make It Attention-Grabbing

The most effective postcard campaigns will combine a beautiful design with an offer that is hard to refuse. This means that you will have to make sure that your postcard design is memorable and attention-grabbing, in addition to including a clear call to action for your audience. 

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When picking your visuals, get creative! The best image isn’t always the most common among other property management companies. Staying original and standing out will always have a larger impact than anything else. 

Another way to capture your audience’s attention is to focus on an issue that many rental property owners have to deal with. Describe how you can fix this issue for them. This can be more effective than including a long list of your company’s services. 

In short, the ideal property management postcard will have these two major assets that will sum up your message and remain in your audience’s minds:

  • An attention-grabbing and attractive image.
  • A clear call to action that directs a prospect to your website. 

Make It a True Reflection of Your Brand

When you are marketing your property management company, it is crucial to keep your brand consistent across all mediums. Every marketing channel should be cohesive and unified.

This includes your writing style, visual aesthetic, and offers. After all, a stylish and well-designed postcard shouldn’t direct your prospect to a website that isn’t up to the same standard. Without continuity, your conversion rate will suffer.

Building a Property Management Postcard Mailing List

Now that we know the benefits of a direct mail campaign, the question remains: how can I build my direct mail list? The answer is, it can take some time and research, but the work is worth it.

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To start, try checking tax records and finding out which rental properties have absentee owners. By using this method, you will be able to target absentee owners and promote your services to them directly. 

Next, try looking through recent eviction records. This can help you find frustrated property owners who are in need of someone to help them manage their rental homes and find high-quality tenants. 

Lastly, you can research people who have recently inherited properties. Sometimes, these people will be interested in turning the property into a rental home and just need someone to help them get started!

How Often Should I Be Sending Out Postcards?

When it comes to using direct mail as a successful marketing strategy, having the right timing is key. While it’s important to contact your prospects regularly in order to build rapport and familiarity, bombarding them every week will not do you any favors. Try spreading your mailing plan to once every four to five weeks, and adjust from there!

How Can I Track the Effectiveness of My Postcards?

After you have begun your direct mail campaign, you will need to track and analyze your results. Monitor your company’s incoming phone calls, landing page visits, landing page sign-ups, and retargeting conversions to help you determine just how effective your campaign truly is. 

Property Management Postcards: Bottom Line

While you may not realize it, property management postcards have the potential to reach more prospects directly and grow your business over time. By using strategy and integrating your direct mail campaign into your multi-channel marketing approach, you will be able to create memorable and engaging moments with prospects.