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Want to grow your portfolio?

You’ve come to the right place. Backed Homes is the place for next-level property management and portfolio growth strategies.

The Background Story

Backed Homes was founded by Lior Abramovich, a real-estate operator with a decade of experience in the Single-Family Rental and Build-to-Rent markets.

After successfully facilitating over $150M worth of acquisitions, working closely with dozens of property managers, he has co-founded a startup company (Currently operating in stealth mode) backed by top-tier venture capital funds (Investors in Netflix, Uber, Stripe), industry leaders, and founders from companies like Amazon, Apartment List, Transcendent Electra, Roofstock, Stoa, Zilch, Viber, and more.

What Backed Homes is About

His company has embarked on a mission to help property managers grow their portfolios and provide their owners with the world's best real estate investment experience.

Pursuing this mission as an investor and operator, supporting the relationship of over 1,000 individual SFR owners and their property managers, provided him with a unique view and priceless insights into the challenges he and his property management partners faced together.

These are the insights he wants to bring to light in this blog.

About Lior Abramovich

During his career, he also co-founded Golden, a nonprofit organization that renovates homes of senior citizens in need and a foundation that has set on a mission to ensure every child in the world has access to clean drinking water.

Lior holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Haifa in Israel and has completed eight years of service in the Israeli Navy, where he was an Executive Officer of the Israeli Naval Academy and a Chief Engineer of an Israeli Navy Warship.